A Tale of Two Chosen Peoples: The Zionist Narrative Aimed at White Americans

Why it has worked and why it is falling apart now

I’m going to tell a story in dialogue form, a story that I have heard from Zionists since the 1970s, how it resonates with the stories generations of Americans descended from the earlier European settlers in the United States(especially those in the South), where stubborn facts divide the two, and where, finally and I think ironically, it stops working altogether.

I will present the Zionist part in block quotes in a way I hope illustrates its persuasive power with people like me, and my family, who are descended from those early settlers. I will use the plural “we” in how I, and many of my Christian, often Republican-voting, extended family might reasonably respond in normal text. Here goes.

Manifest Destiny (2011) - IMDb

We Israelis are a lot like you. Your people came to America to escape tyranny and persecution, to live without a “By your leave” to any lord, to find your own land and build your own free society.

There were already people living in America, but they were primitive, uncivilized savages, and in spite of your best efforts to civilize them, they would viciously attack you so you did what you had to do to make a home for yourselves.

You thought that surely only God could have sent you to this promised land, that you were an exceptional people chosen to found the greatest country the world has ever seen! And you were right! We Israelis also have a promised land. We are also an exceptional people who have seen much struggle and persecution, and only want what is rightly ours—to live free and at peace in our own land.

Yes, we get it. We pushed the Indians out, killed them in job lots, and forced them onto reservations. We’ve seen Little Big Man and I Will Fight No More Forever, we grew up hearing stories about being afraid of the summer nights with a full Comanche moon.

Now they call it ethnic cleansing. We know what ethnic cleansing looks like and why it is done.


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