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10/17/23: Biden Plans Trip To Israel, IDF Strikes Hezbollah, US Citizens Stranded In Gaza, Israel Ambassador Denies Crisis In Gaza, BP Focus Group On Biden’s Age, Hannity Goes To Bat For Jim Jordan, Israeli Gov Beefs With Celebrities, Israel Rejects Zelensky Visit And Krystal Ambushed On NewsNation

Krystal and Saagar discuss Biden’s upcoming trip to Israel, IDF strikes Hezbollah as Iran tensions heat up, US citizens stranded in Gaza, Israeli Ambassador denies humanitarian crisis in Gaza, BP focus group on Biden’s age, Hannity caught pressing GOP to support speaker Jim Jordan, producer Mac shoved by secret service at Palestine protest, Israeli government officials beef with celebrities online, Israel rejects Zelensky visit, and Krystal gets ambushed on NewsNation.

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (1:58)Biden Trip To Israel (15:42)Israel No Strategy For Hamas (27:59)Biden Humiliated As US Citizens Stuck In Gaza (42:27)Israel Ambassador Denies Crisis In Gaza (49:47)BP Focus Group On Biden’s Age (1:03:29)Hannity Attacks Jim Jordan Opponents (1:13:30)Producer Mac Shoved At Palestine Protest (1:21:48)Israel Gov Beefs With Celebrities Online (1:28:57)Israel Rejects Zelensky Visit (1:41:12)Krystal Ambushed On NewsNation (1:55:25)End Of Show

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