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Old World Disorder

By Jose Nino

A fool would say it’s been a precarious week in global politics.

Precariousness described the state of the US and elsewhere following the 2007-2008 great financial crisis and even up through Brexit and the election of President Donald Trump in 2016.

But look at the ever increasing acceleration of instability lately. The impending ground war in Gaza follows other events no one saw coming, like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine or more recently the booting of the House speaker.

How do we navigate through this chaos? First, by throwing out our assumptions about what can’t possibly happen. Stop rejecting talk of World War 3 as always being fear porn.

Sure, we must avoid falling into despair, but my point is to be open to whatever may come next, so that hopefully you are actually somewhat prepared for what does. Don’t stick your head in the sand, but don’t be overwhelmed by mass media either.

Poland is worth your attention at this time, not only for its similar parallels with conservative movements in the US, but also for its potential shift in support of the war in Ukraine.

LISTEN: El Nino Speaks 94: Poland at a Crossroads

My interview with Ania Konieczek covers Poland’s integral role in our ever-changing geopolitical landscape. From mass immigration to prioritizing militarism above the common needs of the people and their prosperity, it’s clear Poland is on the brink of major changes.

Our enemies in power are in denial about their old world order dying out and a new world order emerging from the ashes. That’s the only explanation for their doubling down on their failed foreign, monetary, and immigration policies.

Be in the know, get the dissident perspective, so that you’ll be that much more prepared for what lies ahead.

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