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Hamas’s Shock Attack Should Spark Our Horror—and Our Questions

October 13, 2023
“After waking up early Saturday to sirens and a barrage of hundreds of rockets, we learned about the unprecedented assault that Palestinian militants from Gaza carried out on Israeli towns,” Haggai Matar writes from Tel Aviv. “Contrary to what many Israelis are saying, while the army was clearly caught completely off guard, this was not a ‘unilateral’ or ‘unprovoked’ attack.”

This week, Matar along with myriad other writers filing from New York to Gaza have reported on the conflict and mass murders playing out across the region. Amid the fog of misinformation, The Nation is striving to be a forum for accurate reporting and the voices of all who are suffering across the Middle East.

Hamas’s Shock Attack Should Spark Our Horror—and Our Questions
This appalling violence emerged within a context, and we need to understand that context in order to achieve peace.
Haggai Matar
Gaza Is a Nightmare Today, but We Will Not Stop Dreaming of Freedom
This war is happening for one reason: the prolonged suffering and occupation that Palestinians have endured for seven decades.
Mohammed R. Mhawish
Omar and Tlaib Are Condemned in the US for Saying What Prominent Israelis Are Saying
The White House is ripping Squad members for proposing de-escalation and diplomacy to stop the killing of Israelis and Palestinians.
John Nichols
The War on Gaza Must Not Be Waged in Our Name
Being a Jew for a free Palestine is not easy. It’s also never been more necessary to stand in solidarity.
Dave Zirin
The Catastrophic Moral Failing of Those Who Won’t Condemn Hamas
Israel’s oppression of Palestinians is an atrocity. So was Hamas’s massacre of civilians—and anyone who claims to be on the left should say so.
Sasha Abramsky
The UAW’s Historic Victory—Plus, Elon Musk and American Democracy
On this episode of Start Making Sense, Harold Meyerson analyzes the auto strike, and David Nasaw talks about Tesla and Twitter.
Jon Wiener
Len Bias and the 1980s War on Drugs
On this episode of the Edge of Sports podcast, part 4 of our series, the Basketball Butterfly Effect.
Dave Zirin
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  1. I am not horrified. Frankly, I don’t give a shit. People die all the time. Hamas are better than the IDF Nazis, and most of the people who ‘support Israel’ are tribal morons and liars who support imperialism and a giant concentration camp – I don’t give a shit about these people, and if all of them were dead, the world would be better. I’m sick of people who expect me to give a shit and pick teams. Nuke them all so they shut the fuck up already.
    And send Lindsey Graham to go fight Hamas, fucking geriatric parasite. Let’s see the hat child actor Ben Shapiro pick up a Galil and ‘mow the lawn’. Zionists, chicken hawk and Muhammad shysters can go suck each other’s dicks.

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