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ISRAEL WAR SPECIAL | Krystal Kyle & Friends With Mac (GoodPoliticGuy)

This week, we’re bringing you a special episode on the history of the Israel-Palestine conflict. As the American media proliferates propaganda denying and justifying the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza and misleading the public about gruesome specifics of Hamas atrocities, Krystal Kyle & Friends analyzes current narratives about the violence unfolding in Israel and Palestine — and puts it in a greater historical context, with the help of our special guest, Mac (GoodPoliticGuy). Watch below:

With Mac’s help, we think through the greater terrain of Mideast politics in which the Israel-Palestine conflict is situated, drawing connections to Israel’s attempted deal with Saudi Arabia, relations with Iran, and more. Our conversation looks back at the history of Israel’s colonization of Palestine and the response from the international community in order to understand how those conditions have led to the current conflict.

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