Communication coach can determine your personality using just 4 pieces of paper


Communication coach can determine your personality using just 4 pieces of paper

Communication Coach Zac Broomfield, or @l4coach on TikTok, has shared a fun test test that he says can provide valuable insights into someone’s personality. Zac is a professional family communication expert at Level 4 Coaching.

“There’s a question I ask my clients about which piece of paper you would prefer,” Zac begins the video. “While this isn’t a scientific assessment, I have found that there are some common traits amongst folks that pick a certain type of paper.”

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Dad interestingly reveals how ‘fun dads’ are not fun when it comes to actual parenting

There are umpteen instances where moms feel nostalgic about their babies growing up and are ever-ready to take on the roller coaster of a journey for another baby. There are dads too who can’t wait to have more babies simply to grow the tribe, leaving the onus of caring for them almost entirely on moms after the child is born. Sure, wanting more babies makes them “fun dads.”

However, how much of a father’s role are they playing? TikTok dad Bradley Dean revealed that “fun dads” aren’t as responsible as you think. In his recent video, he interestingly used sarcasm to point out how you can identify the dad who is a stranger to the often overwhelming experiences parents face.

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Unlikely couple falls in love after man rents woman’s spare room as an Airbnb

The funny thing about love is that the person we fall in love with, more often than not, we run into by accident. Another strange twist is that the love of our life is likely to show up when we least expect it.

The following story, which feels like the promise of a hit rom-com, comes courtesy of a twist of fate created by the World Cup and an Airbnb.

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Little girl’s viral pink chair costume finally gets an explanation and it’s perfect

Kids are interesting, especially between the ages of early toddlerhood and first grade. They can literally fall over laughing because you ripping paper is suddenly hilarious or develop a deep connection with a mixing spoon that they insist on taking everywhere. You really never know what they’re going to do and as parents we just learn to go with it.

As long as it’s not hurting them or anyone else, go for it. For nearly two years my daughter dressed up as Snow White every day, complete with plastic heels, only taking a break for wash days when all three costumes were dirty. So it’s not a surprise when one little girl decided she wanted to be a pink chair for Halloween.

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Teachers discover Beyonce’s ‘mute challenge’ is the perfect way to quiet their classrooms

Gone are the days of shrill whistles and obnoxious bullhorns to demand a classroom’s attention. Instead, teachers are opting for more creative calls-to-action, usually involving some kind of musicality. Clapping rhythms, singsongy phrases, even throwback song lyrics are fun ways to get distracted, rambunctious kids to quiet down and focus. No matter which delivery style a teacher uses, it has to appeal to their young audience.

So of course, a call-to-action inspired by Beyoncé is the perfect choice.

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