European Sanctions Cause Russian Natural Gas Collapse

by Peter Zeihan on October 4, 2023

Most of Europe has been working to reduce dependency on Russian natural gas, and boy, did they deliver. Russia’s natural gas state monopoly, Gazprom, has just reported its lowest output levels since 1978.

Sanctions targeting piped natural gas have effectively cut off supply to Europe, and the exisiting infrastructure cannot be easily redirected. While Russia has alternative natural gas sources and facilities, the limited workforce and technical challenges make these options difficult to maintain.

European sanctions are working well, and these efforts may permanently sever ties to Russian natural gas with little impact on their own systems. The Russian natural gas industry is facing an unprecedented fall from grace, but not all industries have been impacted equally…

Oil, however, is a completely different beast. We will deal with that tomorrow…

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European Sanctions Cause Russian Natural Gas Collapse || Peter Zeihan

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