Teacher brilliantly turns getting her period in front of her class into a teaching moment


Teacher brilliantly turns getting her period in front of her class into a teaching moment

Teachers are almost always teaching even when it’s not in their lesson plan.

Those that were born to be teachers find teachable moments everywhere and one woman found herself in one of those moments. Though this one was likely just a bit more personal than she probably would’ve liked.

Emily Elizabeth posted a TikTok video about how she found herself in a predicament in front of her classroom full of 10 and 11-year-old kids. That’s when one of the girls asked to speak with her privately dropping the bomb that no one that gets periods wants to hear in public.

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Pediatrician shares the most simple ‘routine’ to help a baby understand bedtime: ‘Use cues’

Being a grandparent brings in joys and experiences like never before. To hold your grandchild’s hand and to guide them with your love and wisdom compares to nothing else. To relive all those moments with your child’s baby is one of the most priceless things in life.

However, it’s not always easy being a grandparent despite having had practice with your kids, a new generation requires a new approach. One of the biggest blessings as new parents is knowing that the child has hands-on grandparents so that help and experience are readily available when needed. Dr. Flo Rosen—who goes on TikTok by @ask.bubbie—a retired pediatrician who recently became a grandma has just about everything you need for your parenting and grandparenting adventures.

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Retired couple have spent almost 500 days at sea after booking 51 back-to-back cruises

It’s little wonder that more and more retirees are finding themselves on cruise ships, where relaxation, adventure (and having someone else do your chores) are the name of the game.

Retired Australian couple Marty and Jess Ansen can certainly attest to this—having spent close to 500 days sailing around the world on their 51 back-to-back cruises. That’s right. 51 cruises. Back. To. Back.

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Woman’s explanation of ‘girl math’ has some scratching their heads while others nod along

If you’ve been on any social media platform lately then you’ve likely heard about the different types of math. No not the one that makes 80s babies cry (otherwise known as common core), but the silly “math” like “boy math” or “girl math.” Each explanation more ridiculous than the next while some take on a more serious tone, it’s the silly ones that keep people wanting more.

Kelley Lorraine posted a video of her sitting in the car with her husband as she tries to explain “girl math” to him. It didn’t take long for him to express confusion, many times interjecting with questions and audible noises of disproval. What was interesting to me was that everything she said made perfect sense…as long as you don’t think about it too much.

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Jimmy Carter’s former talent handler shares a sweet story about him meeting a young girl

Jimmy Carter turned 99 years old on October 1, 2023, with people from around the world paying tribute to the longest-living former president. Carter has been in hospice for the past 7 months, and as he nears the end of his long life, people are sharing their personal stories involving the man known for his decades of humanitarian, peace-building work after leaving the White House.

One story comes from Noel Casler, a comedian and talent handler who has worked with many celebrities and public figures. He took to X (formerly Twitter) to share an encounter he witnessed between Jimmy Carter and a young girl at the Goodwill Games.


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