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The Night of the Silver Spoons

An Excerpt from The New Art Right

Sep 20, 2023

Hello all! I’ve recently gotten busy with work, but I’ve decided to keep you guys entertained. Therefore, I’m going to post an excerpt from my book The New Art Right. Enjoy. <3

The Night of the Silver Spoons

I can only imagine what it was like to be a working-class Jew in pre-WW2 Germany who fancied herself to be a fallen aristocrat. I assume I may have been chilling at a cabaret I was working at with a young Ernst Jünger or Otto Strasser. I may have taken a break from dancing and started talking about the economy with some of the local folk. Someone may have stated that the Jews were to blame, and I may have asked “What about people like me? We don’t support globalism and we’re Jewish sooooo.”

With the turbulent economy going the way that it did, it seems obvious to me that conversations like this would have occurred. Many people will boldly argue that they did not, but these people are basic so who cares about them anyway? There is always a national working class against the global economy of the era, regardless of individual race or ethnicity. This is mere civilization rotation/economics, and not a crass revisionism as many would suggest. Inside each working class there will always be a group of fallen aristocrats who have been kicked out of the towers of the elites they once belonged to. You wake up one day and this class is out for revenge, as this class has been displaced from their original position.

I have dubbed this time in history the Night of the Silver Spoons, which is what happens when the hardcore philosophers, mystics, and romantics get thrown out of the ivory towers by the oligarchs and guardians who can no longer contain the dragon energy of their most fringe intellectuals. After being thrown to the barbarian hordes to be eaten alive, the Night of the Silver Spoons leads to the Night of the Long Knives and precedes it in every national fairytale. While Germany is the most obvious example, the Night of the Silver Spoons took place in both Fascist Italy and Communist Russia. It took place in America during the Obama administration, and the Trump Generation is here to reap its rewards and consequences.

The fallen ariostocrats (I like the term “aristopunk,” personally) transcend the Marxist narrative of class, which is why they/we are usually written out of history. Why would you want to be killed by the hordes of barbarians when you could simply suck it up, buttercup? Herein lies the key to the gates that the barbarians have already stormed.

One can be an aristocratic barbarian or a barbarian aristocrat, but what about the aristocrats who never encounter a single barbarian or the barbarians who never encounter a single aristocrat? Why aren’t these people fighting each other instead? Isn’t that the real conspiracy? When will they leave the fallen aristocrats alone?

So check it out. You’re an intellectual, and you think it’s wrong to call people who don’t support globalism anti-Semitic. Suddenly you end up in a bar with some working-class cabaret dancers and you all talk about forming your own national party with blackjack and hookers. Just some pipe dream, for now, but the patrons take note. The guardians threw them off the plastic cliffs of civilized society too, and now the entire cabaret must align with the folk who have zero interest in the arts or culture. Basic economic survival, but who is counting?

The press is counting. The press is counting hard as each dark intellectual, weirdo, and total-and-complete freak joins what is now considered to be a fascist movement. The horseshoe begins to close, and a nation rises up in dissent. The fallen aristocrats are killed by the barbarian hordes who haven’t even read Evola or Yockey. D’Annunzio is blamed for Marinetti who is blamed for Mussolini.

Marientti walks into the Futurist Salon and asks the artists to tell them about their national blackjack and hooker party. He’s working on a really cool new art project, and D’Annunzio is leading the charge. “We’ll do it live! The theatre of capitalistic cruelty! We’ll show those guardians!”

Now we’re all in trouble, because the Night of the Silver Spoons has begun. You never should have suspended that artist for that offensive project. Now they are killing people out there in cold blood, only to be murdered once again.

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