Mom has the perfect response to teen son who refuses to do ‘girl’ chores


Mom has the perfect response to teen son who refuses to do ‘girl’ chores

41-year-old mom with 3 boys, 12-year-old twins, and a 10-year-old, pays them $10 daily to do their chores. However, their pay is deducted $10 if they miss a day. The boys have to do their tasks 5 days a week, although it doesn’t matter which days they choose to work.

“This system has worked swimmingly for us since it started, the boys have always complied with completing their chores,” the mom wrote on Reddit.

Her 12-year-old son was getting ready to play Fortnite with a friend and told him he’d be ready in 15 minutes once he finished his chores. When the boys started playing the game, he told the friend he was in charge of dusting and sweeping the stairs, to which the friend responded, “It’s a good thing my parents don’t make me do girl chores.”

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Fashion stylist shares ingenious hack to keep clothes smelling fresh without washing them every time

Doing the laundry is the least favorite thing of many people. Sometimes we wish our clothes to get cleaned up magically so we don’t have to deal with the piling laundry. We don’t really have a choice except to wash the sweaty and smelly clothes after we wear them.

Or maybe we do have a choice according to fashion stylist Christie Moeller, who goes by @christiemoeller on TikTok. The stylist has shared a simple yet effective trick to avoid repulsive odor in clothes so that you can wear them without washing them every time.

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