From Gladio to the Pandemic & Climate, a Strategy of Tension

Robin Monotti: From Gladio to the Pandemic & Climate, a Strategy of Tension

Robin Monotti discusses how people are slowly wrapping their heads around the growing authoritarianism of the past few years and are coming to understand deep politics at different times with different subjects (e.g. 9/11, climate, pandemic, empire). For Robin it began with the assassination of Aldo Moro (e.g. Operation Gladio and the strategy of tension). He explains one reason people suffer cognitive dissonance when it comes to accepting the reality of state terrorism. Nothing will be resolved at the top-down political level, so the responsibility is now on all of us to resist and do what we can to defend our rights. We also touch on “team no virus”, the digital control grid, health and the spiritual dimension, the permanent (bio)security state, the green agenda, and his latest film production, River of Freedom, which shares the inside story of the New Zealand Convoy and Parliament protest.

ANALYSIS: Nagorno-Karabakh: Who is Responsible for the Armenian Defeat – Pashinyan or Russia?

The self-proclaimed Republic of Artsakh seems to be counting its last days. It is a matter of time before Azerbaijan restores its sovereignty over the region that has been under Armenian control since the early 1990s. But what comes next for Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia?

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