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9/22/23: NJ Senator Menendez INDICTED For Cash And Gold Bribes, Murdoch Steps Down, Sound of Freedom Sexual Misconduct, Pope’s Early Knowledge of Holocaust, Obesity and Cardiac Death Rising, Partisan Futures, Minimum Wage Impossible To Live On

Saagar covered breaking news this morning that New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez has been indicted for cartoonish levels of corruption and bribery involving cash payments and gold bars.


And then we bring you our Weekly Roundup of stories from us and our Partners:



(00:13)Murdoch Steps Down
(4:33)Sound of Freedom Sexual Misconduct
(10:50)Pope Knew Early About Holocaust
(15:40)Obesity Rises, Cardiac Deaths
(24:07)Future Looks More Partisan
(36:50)Spencer Snyder: “Minimum Wage Impossible To Live On”

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