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They Gave Us Modernism: A Response to Megha Liliwhite’s “What We Owe to the West”

by The Fascifist

Sep 19, 2023


On June 5, 2023, Megha Liliwhite published an article titled What We Owe to The West. Typically, I feel no need to respond to classical liberals when they attempt to repackage their worldview as antithetical to progressive liberalism, and try to portray the root cause of Modernity as a spiritually kindred relative to the various traditional schools of thought. However, this time, I found it necessary to compose a response article.

Before delving into this topic, I would like to highlight some intriguing similarities and differences between Megha Liliwhite and myself. I am a Continental European of Indian heritage, while she appears to be of North American or British Islander descent with Indian heritage. The impressions I draw solely based on this distinction lead me to several assumptions, which may or may not be accurate. Nevertheless, I believe these assumptions are worth sharing. Ancient India is recognized as the cradle of all human philosophy. The subcontinent encompassed virtually all philosophical viewpoints that were later developed, matured, and embraced by other civilizations beyond India, such as the Chinese, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, and Greek cultures.


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