Life hack expert explains why Monday is by far the best day to have off


Life hack expert explains why Monday is by far the best day to have off

Since the pandemic, more Americans have the ability to choose where and when they work. So, TikTokker Jordan Howlett, known as Jordan the Stallion8, shared his thoughts on the best day of the week to take off. Howlett has earned mayor status on TikTok, earning over 11 million followers for his reactions, candid monologues, life hacks and fast-food tricks.

His post reacted to a post by TikTokker @Colinlowkey8, who claimed: “Having Monday off is infinitely better than having Friday off.”

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Mothers stand up for a mom being judged for yelling at her child at the park: ‘You are not perfect’

Mothers are always at the end of receiving criticism from people who do not understand the pressure they are constantly put under. Recently, Mario Mirante—who goes on TikTok by @mariomirante—posted a video narrating an incident he witnessed in a public park.

He said he saw a mom stuck on her phone while walking her son, who was trying to grab her attention. Mirante elaborated that after a point, the mother yelled at the kid “like a velociraptor” and admitted that he judged the mother based on that. He also went a step forward to dismiss all excuses anyone made for the mother on his video. It caused a surge in TikTok moms making videos responding to the Mirante.

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How to end hunger, according to the people who face it daily

Even though America is the world’s wealthiest nation, about 1 in 6 of our neighbors turned to food banks and community programs in order to feed themselves and their families last year. Think about it: More than 9 million children faced hunger in 2021 (1 in 8 children).

In order to solve a problem, we must first understand it. Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization, released its second annual Elevating Voices: Insights Report and turned to the experts—people experiencing hunger—to find out how this issue can be solved once and for all.

Here are the four most important things people facing hunger want you to know.

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Teacher in Japan shares mind-blowing differences between her school and schools in the U.S.

When you live in the same country your whole life, it’s easy to think of things as “normal” simply because it’s the way they’re always done. One of the best ways to divest yourself of that notion is to go live in another country for a while, because very quickly, you start to see things you thought of as a given—or never thought about at all because it never dawned on you that they could be different—are actually cultural norms that don’t exist everywhere.

An American teacher who lives in Japan offers a perfect example of how the norms of different countries can contrast sharply.

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Owner of ‘cat burglar’ is forced to own up to her kitty’s obsession with criminal activity

Everyone knows that cats are interesting pets to own. Or maybe I should say live with because there doesn’t seem to be any “owning” cats. They do what they want, whenever they feel like it and lucky for their human roommates, they’re essentially born litter box trained.

As long as you scoop their poop, give them exactly 2.5 strokes on their heads at a 45 degree angle every fortnight, and keep them from ever seeing the bottom of their food bowl…they’ll let you play owner. The second you deviate from their reasonable expectation of living conditions, they’ll bite you. Given that cats do what they want no matter what their human says, it makes perfect sense that one woman found herself giving in to her cat’s daily burglaries.

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