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9/18/23: Military LOSES Airborne F-35, Ford CEO Freaks Over UAW Strike, 100 Billion Student Loan Bomb, Trump Hits DeSantis on Abortion, Texas AG Ken Paxton Survives Impeachment, Lauren Boebert BeetleJuice Debacle, Hasan Minhaj Admits Fake Stories, Drew Barrymore Weeps Over Scab Show

Krystal and Saagar discuss the UAW officially going on strike and causing the Ford CEO to lose it in an interview, Krystal and Saagar debate if Trump is wrong on Electric Vehicles, will the 100 billion student loan bomb crash the economy?, Trump hits DeSantis on Abortion legislation as a “terrible thing”, Texas AG Ken Paxton survives impeachment in major MAGA victory, Lauren Boebert responds after her public debacle at the Beetlejuice musical, Saagar looks into Hasan Minhaj admitting he made up fake stories about being attacked with anthrax, Krystal looks into Drew Barrymore ending her show’s return admists major backlash from striking writers, and we’re joined by astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson to talk about his new book “To Infinity and Beyond”, UFO’s, Elon Musk, AI and more!

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (2:22)F35 Goes Missing Airborne (5:44)Ford CEO Loses It Over UAW Strike (23:08)Is Trump Wrong About EV? (37:05)100 Billion Student Loan Bomb (45:36)Trump Attacks DeSantis On Abortion laws (54:58)Texas AG Survives Impeachment (1:02:04)Lauren Boebert Responds To BeetleJuice Debacle (1:08:17)Saagar on Hasan Minhaj Fake Stories (1:17:37)Krytsal on Drew Barrymore’s Scab Show (1:25:59)Neil Degrasse Tyson on UFOs, AI (1:52:22)EOS

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