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The Other 9/11


To inflame a mild republic with the spirit of war is putting all its liberties to the utmost hazard.
David Dodge,
reflecting on what he saw around him in the U.S. during the war of 1812


September 11, 2023
The Other 9/11
Martin Luther King pointed out that the U.S. government is “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world.” While King’s memory has been honored with accolades, monuments, street names, and the like, I can’t help but wonder how many Americans have truly pondered his astute and discomforting observation about the U.S. government. After all, it seems to me that to be living under …
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FFF’s Upcoming Austrian Economics Conference by Jacob G. Hornberger and
Richard M. Ebeling
Future of Freedom Foundation
Chile’s Coup at 50: Countdown Toward a Coup
by National Security Archives
Chile’s Coup at 50: Kissinger Briefed Nixon on Failed 1970 CIA Plot to Block Allende Presidency
by National Security Archives
Child Victims Are the Forgotten Voices of Chile During the Pinochet Dictatorship from 1973 to 1990
by Eva Vergara
Associated Press
Stolen Child Reunited with Mother 42 Years Later
by Rafael Romo
‘The Other 9/11’: As US Marks Attack Anniversary, Another Infamous Milestone Looms
by Amanda Lee Myers
USA Today
Previously Classified Documents Released by U.S. Show Knowledge of 1973 Chile Coup
by Tracy Wilkinson
Los Angeles Times
Fifty Years After Chile’s Coup, the Search for Truth Continues
by Lucia Newman
Five Decades On, Chile Still Grapples with Legacy of Pinochet Dictatorship
by Juliette Chaignon and
Guillaume Gosalbes
France 24
Chile Political Prisoners Reclaim Torture Sites to Preserve Coup Memory
by Ivan Alvarado and
Natalia A. Ramos Miranda


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