FEISTY Debate with Briahna Joy Gray on Cornel West, Biden, and Trump

Episode 140 with Briahna Joy Gray

Sep 8, 2023
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A high-energy debate between your KK&F co-hosts and political commentator Briahna Joy Gray is the latest on KK&F, and we think you’ll enjoy it. Join us for a conversation on if and how third parties can help us break out of the establishment bind in which American politics is currently locked, and whether the promise they offer outweighs the benefits of reforming and working within the ever-imperfect Democratic Party. Watch below:

What would it mean to go beyond the two-party system that dominates American politics? Referring to a corporate duopoly, our guest Briahna critiques the profit motive driving the elites of both parties, Democrat and Republican, against the better interests of the people they represent. For those of us who watched Sanders face up against a corrupt DNC and hostile mainstream media during his bids for the presidency (he won Iowa, for crying out loud!), it doesn’t take a big stretch of the imagination to see the value in a political system where a party’s wealth, clout, and entrenchment in the history of American government doesn’t put it in front of parties with more meaningful appeals to working-class voters.

But where, if anywhere, does the Democratic Party deserve credit? And when does it become dishonest to ignore the real gains made by the current administration? Certainly, in the past few years, we’ve seen movement in the right direction, and state democrats in the Midwest passing phenomenal legislation, suggesting that a new future for the party could be possible.

Is it worth voting for Biden if he’s the democratic candidate to preserve labor gains and block another disastrous Trump term in office? Or is there a real possibility for a third party to succeed even in a rigged American political system? We weigh our options, and discuss much more, in this week’s episode.

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