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9/7/23: Working Class Historic Rejection Of Biden, Kamala Says “Ready To Be President”, Rand Paul Blasts McConnel Health, Banks Face Real Estate Doom Loop, Gen Z Turns On College, Mike Pence War On Populism, Krystal On Bidenomics, Liberty Gun Safes Scandal

Krystal and Saagar discuss polls showing a historic working class rejection of Biden, Kamala makes it clear in a new interview that she’s ready to be the next President, new polling reveals which Republicans beat Biden in a hypothetical general election, Rand Paul blasts McConnell health lies, Banks face collapse due to commercial real estate ‘Doom Loop’, Gen Z turns on College as a bad deal, Krystal and Saagar shred Mike Pence’s speech waging a war on Populism, Krystal looks at how Biden screwed over his own presidency with short term problems and far away solutions, and Saagar looks at how Liberty Gun Safe turned over the key to Federal surveillance.

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (03:08)Working Class Rejects Biden (16:21)Kamala Ready For President (22:44)Which Republicans Beat Biden? (31:28)Rand Paul Blasts McConnell Health (44:00)Banks Doom Loop Real Estate (55:48)Gen Z Turns On College (1:07:01)Mike Pence On Populism (1:17:03)Krystal On Bidenomics (1:26:37)Saagar On Liberty Gun Safe Feds (1:39:09)EOS

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