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9/5/23: Nate Silver On Biden’s Shocking Chances, Portnoy and Tucker Say Trump Should Debate, Media Admits Ukraine Aid Corruption, Burning Man, Trump Blasts Biden EV Plan, Bill Maher Complains About Writers Strike, Original Movies Destroy Franchises, Hot Labor Summer, Freddie DeBoer New Book

Krystal and Saagar discuss Nate Silver concerned on Biden’s age and shocking chances of death, Dave Portnoy and Tucker agree that Trump SHOULD have shown up to the debates, the Media finally admits corruption in Ukraine Aid, Kim Jong Un and Putin join a summit in Biden rebuke, the Internet revels in Burning Man suffering, Trump blasts Biden’s Electric Vehicle plan and UAW union bosses, Bill Maher whines that Striking Writers are “not owed a living wage”, Saagar looks into how Original movies are destroying franchises, Krystal looks into the Hot Labor Summer of strikes and if this could be a historic turning point, and we’re joined by Substack writer Freddie DeBoer to discuss his new book “How Elites Ate The Social Justice Movement” out today in stores. (Freddie’s book:…)

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (1:46)Nate Silver On Biden (22:11)Portnoy Tucker On Trump Debating (28:24)Media Admits Ukraine corruption (37:37)Kim Jong Un meets with Putin (43:51)Internet Revels in Burning Man (52:12)Trump Blasts Biden EV Plans (1:08:21)Maher On Striking Writers (1:15:50)Saagar on Original Film vs Franchise (1:23:18)Krystal on Historic Hot Labor Summer (1:31:50)Freddie DeBoer New Book on Elites (1:58:37)EoS

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