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8/16/23: Trump Promises ‘Irrefutable Report’ On GA Indcitment, Christie Passes DeSantis Poll, McCarthy Scrambles On Gov Shutdown, Narco Assassins In Ecuador, Blind Side Movie Lies?, Hillary Clinton On MSNBC, Pakistan Confirms Leaks

Ryan and Emily discuss Trump’s response to the GA indictments, who is Prosecutor Fani Willis?, Chris Christie surpasses DeSantis in new NH poll, McCarthy scrambles to avoid a Gov shutdown, Narco Assassinations spiral in Ecuador, the hollywood movie Blind Side allegedly misrepresented Michale Oher’s relationship with his adopted parents, Hillary Clinton emerges on MSNBC for an indictment victory lap, and the Pakistan PM confirms the authenticity of the bombshell cable leaks.

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (2:32)Trump CLAPS BACK At GA Indictment, Promises ‘Irrefutable Report’ (17:54)WHO IS TRUMP PROSECUTOR FANI WILLIS? (25:46)CHRISTIE SHOCKS, PASSES DESANTIS IN NH POLL (38:44)McCarthy SCRAMBLES TO AVOID IMMINENT SHUTDOWN (51:47)Narco Assassinations Spiral In South America (1:04:07)Blind Side Movie Subject Michael Oher CALLS Parents Fake (1:16:30)Emily On Hillary Clinton Emerges For Indictment VICTORY LAP (1:31:28) Ryan On PAKISTAN PM CONFIRMS AUTHENTICITY OF BOMBSHELL LEAK (1:49:31) EoS

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