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8/14/23: DeSantis Humiliated At Iowa Fair, Maui Residents Outraged At Disaster Relief, Trump Legal Team Texts, UPS Drives 170k Salary, Auto Exec Caught Vacationing, Viral Rich Men North of Richmond Song, SBF Jailed, SF Workers Flee, Kansas Cops Raid Newspaper

Krystal and Saagar discuss DeSantis humiliated by Trump fans at the Iowa fair, Semafor reporter Shelby Talcott (@ShelbyTalcott) breaks down all the events on the scene at the Iowa Fair, Maui Residents outraged at Biden disaster relief, Trump’s legal team caught with texts about election tampering in Georgia, UPS drivers score 170k a year contracts, Auto Exec caught vacationing while lecturing workers, viral song Rich Men North of Richmond hits number 1, SBF jailed for witness tampering, Saagar looks into San Francisco workers fleeing crime in Doom Loop, and Krystal looks into how Kansa police raided a newspaper office in a possible corrupt coverup.

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (1:24)DeSantis HUMILIATED By Trump Fans At Iowa Fair (13:14)ON THE GROUND: How Trump DOMINATES Rivals In Iowa (22:00)Maui Residents OUTRAGED At Biden Over Disaster Relief (32:46)CAUGHT?: Trump Team Texts Election Tampering In Georgia (42:46)Right Or Wrong? UPS Drivers Score 170k/Year Contract (54:59)Auto Exec CAUGHT Vacationing While Lecturing Workers (1:01:53)’Rich Men North Of Richmond’ Hits NUMBER 1 In USA (1:12:55)SBF JAILED For Witness Tampering (1:18:28)San Francisco Workers FLEE Crime In DOOM LOOP (1:26:58)Cops RAID Paper in OUTRAGEOUS 1A Assault (1:38:24) EoS

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