Men and Women

The gender industry is corporate grooming for transhumanism.

By  American Mind

The gender industry is corporate grooming for transhumanism.

“If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without them knowing it.” — Edward L. Bernays

Transgender is not a type of person. It is the conglomerate name for an array of corporate pressures which groom children and adults for industrial body dissociation, thus opening humanity to further corporate encroachments into our bodies. It is the colonization of humans, directly targeting the next generation. It is, as renowned transhumanist Martine Rothblatt states, “the on-ramp to transhumanism.”

The word transgenderism is not fit for communication. It does not define anything clearly, but rather obscures the industry manifested in its name. It’s an umbrella term with no borders, under which sit too many conflicting ideas, allowing its definitional goalposts to move whenever anyone critiques its ideology and the markets formed around it. Instituting gender identity as a legal concept deconstructs what it means to be human, since we are a biologically and sexually dimorphic species. What is happening is that the corporate state is deconstructing sex as a step toward alienating us from our humanity. Endless discussions about “gender identity” obscure this fact.

For a decade, a progressive-coded language of body dissociation has taken shape simultaneously on the landscape of multiple Western civilizations. Terms such as gender identity, transitioning, body dysphoria, pregnant men, cervix havers, gender binary, and sexual “spectra” of various kinds have been relentlessly repeated in the mainstream media. These terms, used repeatedly, dissociate individuals from their sexed realities. They are now embedded into our legal structures under a frame of human rights.

When we view humanity and our sexed realities as another frontier to open markets for corporate profiteering, what is referred to as a “human rights movement” for people who disown their sex begins to take another shape.


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