The Contemptuous Communique #3: Resisting The Leftist Creep

The Contemptuous
Communique #3
Resisting The Leftist Creep

“The problem with being an individual
is that you always wind up outnumbered.”
– Jim Goad

“Causes are the diversion of the feeble – of those who have lost the power of acting strongly from their own nature. They are for the titillation of the senses of the herd, and a person who can act strongly should shun all Cause-ites and their works.”
– Dora Marsden

We, The Contemptuous, are a hostile and unapologetic gathering of critical negation. Temporarily breaking from our primary focus in our more authentic realm of creative living, we come together into this horrifically alienated and dysfunctional venue once again to cast our anarchic venom and spew our disdainful nausea in the hopes that our acidic tones and barbed words might offer a jarring contemplation for a few, and more importantly, an unwavering warning to the rest who stand in the way of unrestrained freedom. In our scopes and through the crosshairs: The Leftist Creeps.

It is all the rage in these superficial, trend-driven, artificially-polarized, and unbearably idiotic post-modern endtimes to write, text, tweet, post, talk, scream, and whine about the great “fascist creep”. That caricatural and hysterical claim that fascism is methodically seeping into culture and intentionally turning everything and everyone “far-Right”, “white supremacist”, “transphobic”, or any of the (slanderously grandiose, bombastic, and mostly overused or discombobulated for traumatic effect and power) terms meant to flatten everything into something “We” all hate without any nuance, refinement, understanding, or honesty by the Leftist Creeps. [That’s right, we sometimes employ run-on sentences and are also known to “take up too much space” with hyper-extended paragraphs. Sorry to traumatize the twits who like everything abbreviated, over-simplified, and in conformance with the current techno-pop-cultural half-wit norms derived from opposable thumbs swiping screens and ejaculated across the planet. You may even need to reread a sentence or two now and then, which we know will be disconcerting for all those multi-tasking between theory, politics, food and fashion right now. And, trigger warning: we may also use an occasional word you might need to look up in a dictionary, but you will probably just google it or pretend you know what it means so you can present more intelligently. Just one more reason why we almost exclusively root for global viruses, catastrophic meteors, and packs of rabid dogs.]

BUT, what actually seems to be occurring (as opposed to a “fascist creep”), generally and universally, is the undeniable and non-retractable pandemic-like spread of the Leftist Creeps and all of their slimy, sleazy, and sickening ooze. They are the ones who with every tweet, post, cause, or graduate school thesis are opportunistically, and sometimes even seemingly arbitrarily, continually moving the goalposts to match the whims of their constituents, dictates of their activists, soundbites of their celebrities, or most novel post-modern angling of their academics. Everyday more and more gets obtusely, hyperbolically, and erroneously labeled as “fascist” (it actually means something very specific and contextual, you ahistorical search-engined morons), sometimes for merely raising minor concerns or criticisms, or having even minimal variations of opinions outside of the latest Woke orthodoxy (which one must be perpetually glued to online virtual authorities or enrolled at just about any university (and in some places elementary school) to stay up-to-date and in adherence with)… and the dim-witted, the scared, the repressed, the insecure, the lonely, the brittle, the victims, the opportunistic, and the bullies repeat and share the shallow rhetoric of undigested ideology which feeds into the rising and spreading cultural and political domination by the Leftist Creeps. Damn, most of them haven’t even read the people they quote, mimic, and adhere to. Could this be something similar to what some mean by “Cultural Marxism”? How dare we! It has reached the point of pathology, a sickness that will feed on itself until all is consumed, adopted, colored, absorbed, or destroyed. And what is most disturbing, disgusting, and absolutely infuriating to some of us, The Contemptuous, is that anarchists are not only influenced by these Leftist Creeps, they are often their most dedicated and fierce advocates, propagators, street fighters, foot soldiers, and secret police. Can anyone say Antifa (Ant-eee-fah)? Just to name the most obvious, annoying, and dangerous example of The Leftist Creep’s physical and social manifestation in the relative sphere unfortunately and erroneously overlapping with the anarchist space. Enough is enough…. maybe anarchists could learn at least a few things from Joseph McCarthy.

We suppose it may be necessary here to briefly point out that some folx (hopefully they were merely Russian-bots, AI agents, or some deviant hairy little creatures under a bridge) have accused our first communique of being “so anti-Leftist” and complained that we used some so-called “Right-wing language” that we must be “soft on the Right” and even that we are “Trumpian”. This shallow and misdirected slander is absurd, reactionary, sophomoric, and quite revealing. To be absolutely clear, we despise ALL politics (we know you skipped over this part for your own inbred agendas, that’s ok, it is hard to think these days, we know), but focus on the Left so pointedly and frequently because it is the political persuasion that has most penetrated and negatively effected what should be an apolitical and anti-ideological anarchist space. Sure, anarchists have rubbed elbows with Leftists for well over a century, since their beginning, in fact. How did that work out? Every time we got fucked, not to mention that our perspectives and goals have never been the same from the start and at the core. We have never been fellow travelers, just opportunistic and misguided third cousins at best. We also tire of having to endlessly point out that while much of the classical anarchists’ histories have had a socialist component, there have always been anti-socialist and anti-Leftist anarchists in the egoist, individualist, illegalist, and more recently insurrectionary, ecological, indigenous, primitivist, anti-civilization, and post-Leftist persuasions. These perspectives are obviously closer to the center of anarchy than the humanist, syndicalist, socialist, and communist varieties. Compounding the problem are the more contemporary infusions of Leftism into anarchism from the New-Left onward all the way through contemporary Wokeness (Yes, “Wokeness”, that’s what we said, and no, we didn’t storm the Capital, we don’t pay with bitcoin, we don’t think we are being replaced, and we very much believe that the Holocaust actually happened and that the ecosphere is dramatically changing due to the absolute absurdity of human behavior. We just think the concept is fitting and most upsetting to those for whom it applies, i.e. those contemporary anarcho-progressives whose ideas and actions are pathetically closer to “ridin’ with Biden” and “feelin’ the Burn” than they are anything remotely anarchist.), and all of the negative qualities, baggage, and danger they bring with them. There are too many to list here, but you know what they are, we never shut up about them. Some of us have been pushing back on this for years, some even decades, and it just seems to get worse and worse with the rest of this sick culture to the point where there is, sadly, very little difference between most anarchists and your run-of-the-mill Leftists, paternalistic Liberals, and equity-chasing Progressives. Now, the anarchist space is primarily a bunch of over-boiled anarcho-Leftist frogs wearing the costumes and slogans of each new cause of the day. It has reached a pathetic point where most anarchists frame, discuss, and act in relation to this world and its “issues” by taking their cues from the Left (vanguards, academics, politicos, activists, trends, popularized culture, social pressures, etc), rather than from themselves, their own thoughts and feelings, and their directly-lived experiences with those they share authentic affinity with, and most importantly, apart from political situations, activist projects, and infantile and ritualistic performances.

Again, The Contemptuous are adamantly apolitical. We do not think this should have been confusing in our first communique. Probably the more accurate explanation for some people’s misreading is their projection onto us from within their unquestioned, socialized, and critically-devoid Leftist ideologies and perspectives. This was kind of our point. Thanks to those who supplied your pathetically predictable examples as simpleton commentary. It should also be added here that our apolitical and anti-political position does not mean that we do not express something along the lines of political theory to study the workings of politics in an attempt to understand, reveal, and critique certain dynamics, motivations, strategies, and players. One dynamic we spend a fair amount of time paying attention to is the manipulation of part of the populace by using specific and oversimplified elements, language, symbols, fashions, and ideas that are part of their popular vernacular to control or even to create crisis and conflict with other parts of the populace who are also being manipulated in similar, yet differently-flavored ways. We see this happening throughout politics, from every side and angle. But we come to this analysis from outside of their cultural wars and with no attempt at intervention within them, just critique and negation from outside, with our actions of destruction focused on the totality that is encompassing of all of these elements and much more. We have no dog in their game, our wolf pack is elusive and more at home in the mountains and woods than in this dead virtual world, only rushing in to attack before slipping back into our own prioritized self-referential existence. Obviously we also have colossal distaste for the political Right, but we feel this is clear to us and should be relatively apparent to everyone but the reactionary Leftist Creeps. But, we also feel that the political Right is often misidentified, mislabeled, misjudged, and overinflated by most Leftists, so perhaps we shall give them more critical attention in future communiques. Again, we focus on the Leftist Creeps with more attention and disdain because anarchists have morphed with them in almost every way to the point that they are its cutting edge and actually feed it with new ideas, fuel, and fodder. The list of subjects that contemporary anarchists too often view through an unquestionable Leftist lens is beyond disheartening: technology, social media, identity politics, victimhood, privilege, race, ethnicity, class, work, economics, humor, education, tradition, gender, sexuality, health and illness, freedom, truth, spirituality, materialism, revolution, totalitarianism, fascism, the individual, society, equity, justice, etc, et al… It is exhaustingly deplorable for anti-civilization tribal anarchists with healthy individualist tendencies to stomach any of this. It is why we bring our bile up here for you to feast on. So, eat up! It’s only the first course. Many more delicacies are sure to follow.

Some of us have literally risked our freedom, any sense of security, even our lives, over and over again, not to mention shedding colossal amounts of sweat and tears, for years, and for what? For a pathetic little inconsequential flea circus, an infantile sandbox filled with lame ideas and cat shit, a performative post-modern role-playing virtual second-life? Fuck that! Anarchy is not a hobby for us, we live it every day in the real world, and we are disgusted by what we see out there posing as anarchists, who are in reality, confused little Leftists with mommy and/or daddy issues. For those exceptions out there, good luck, find us if you care to, we’d love to conspire if we can. For the rest of you, watch yer back. We align ourselves with freedom, not politics or ideologies or spectacles. You love to slander and “call-out” just about everyone with even a shade outside the latest Progressive post-modern paradigm or with books on our shelves that you have ignorantly, and as authoritarians, determined we are not supposed to read, and declare us your enemy. Well, ok, right back atcha! Gloves are off. Let’s fuckin’ do this already.

Anyway, yes, there is a Red Wave, but regardless of what we are told, it is not a temporary Right-wing electoral landslide. The Red Wave Is Woke. In fact, the Red Tides have been rising for decades, through academia, through the arts, through pop culture and entertainment, through sub-cultures and alternative scenes, and through the virtual world. This cannot be written off or “gaslit” as some Right-wing trope, reactionary politicized agenda, or paranoid conspiratorial apparition; it is real and has dire consequences for the world, for anarchists, for freedom. The Great Red Swell is now upon us and all evacuation roots have been deemed fascistic or racist or transphobic (or whatever weaponized and hyperbolic term seems most destructive at the time) based on mostly ignorant reconstitutions, empty rhetoric, or opportunistically malicious misinformation. The uniform of the new political, social, and cultural authoritarian is no longer the drab brown of yesteryear’s most notorious actual fascists (yes, again, that word actually defines something very specific, but that easily researched lesson is for another day), but instead, they smother themselves in every shade and tint of the techno-color rainbow and all the superficial, predictable, and victimized identities as their activists seek to gain political, social, and cultural power. The list grows everyday and never recognizes the complicated nature of the individual experience in vast and varied contexts. At most they use the now-quite-in-fashion-and-therefore-approaching-meaninglessness term “intersectional” to describe where victimhood identities cross with other victimhood identities, offering an even more victimized position of political, social, and cultural power for the Leftist Creeps to move and attack from. The fabricated rhetoric of pluralism, globalism, and inclusivity has replaced, in reverse, the purity, nationalism and exclusivity of the authoritarianism of another time. Both are troubling, but one is decisively succeeding. The slow march has proved to be amazingly advantageous for them.

The new political, social, and cultural authoritarian is empty and vacuous, a pathetic vessel, allowing themselves to be filled with the latest version of what they are supposed to “believe” and enforce, even if it makes absolutely no sense to them or anyone else. They are ahistorical, so they can absorb and regurgitate any narrative or line without context or question. They are spiritually lost, and thus, more than willing to travel down any so-called “enlightened path”, however dim it may actually be. They serve technology and bow to its perpetual ascendancy, and view it as anything from inevitable to essential. And, most importantly, they want to belong to something bigger and righteous and to be on the “correct” side of history in the cultural wars, so they are more than enthusiastic to view almost anyone as their enemy no matter how powerless their perceived opponent is or misdirected their attack, shaming them, slandering them, shunning them, virtue signaling and performing resistance against them, fighting them in ritualistic street battles, harassing them any chance they can get, attempting to ruin their lives and spreading often false or at least misleading information about them, getting them fired from their jobs, or doxing them so others can do their dirty work for them. They are the Leftist Creeps. Do they creep you out? If so, it is past time to stand up! If not, we have nothing more to say to each other. We can already hear the slithering snakes gathering information to dishonestly cut and paste and opportunistically collage in their creepy dossier for their next internet tribunal. That’s fine, we live in a real world.

As we leave you, for now, and go back into the shadows where we may speak and act openly amongst our kindred free folk, live our lives with all of the joy and beauty and creativity we can summon, and prepare our next corrosive promulgation, we must offer some simple information and advice to those whose interested ear we may have drawn towards us. Here are a few tips about and some clues pertaining to the Leftist Creeps. You can find them everywhere. The highest density is at ground zero, the University, of course, but the inoculation has been unbelievably successful and so the infection has been vast in this intellectually and emotionally weak and desperate population. It has thoroughly seeped into all venues, scenes, and situations. And, sadly, the Leftist virus has taken over and perhaps has terminally infected the now-zombified anarchist space. The pandemic of the Leftist Creep has no vaccine: instead, a holistic approach of rigorous critical thinking and healthy skepticism along with internet abstinence is extremely helpful. Self-employment and gray and black market outlaw skills will keep the Leftist Creeps in human resources and the legal system off of your back. Prioritizing relationships “in real life”, while seeming quite “old-fashioned” and “too limiting” and “too real”, helps avoid the Leftist Creeps which flood dating cesspools, social media, and other unauthentic virtual realities. The most upsetting part in all of this is recognizing the Leftist Creeps in our midst, masquerading, fooling themselves or unaware of just what they are: sleazy, opportunistic, cultivated, and just plain stupid Leftist Creeps. It is time to call them out! It is time to call them what they are! It is time to stop The Leftist Creep and dam the rising Red Tide! Yes my friends, simply put, Time Is Up!

“I do not want to nor can I espouse the cause of atheistic communism, because I do not believe in the supreme elevation of the masses, and so I deny the realization of Anarchy meant as a social form of human life together … Anarchy is nectar for the psychic I and not sociological alcohol for the collectivity”
– Renzo Novatore

“Life is feasting and conflict: that is its zest.”
– Dora Marsden

For A Metaphorical, Critical, and
Literal Dis-membering
Of The Leftist Creeps,

The Contemptuous


Litany Against the Crowd

I will not gather with the Crowd
to Gather with the crowd is to betray my pack
The crowd is the I killer, the subtle death of all kinship by elimination of its constituent brilliance.

I will not gather in the tidal pools of conformity
I will not coalesce and wait for the coming waves of freedom
I will not concede to the catastrophe that justifies their rule of form

I am the pack.  We each are its piece and its entirety.
I will not hook to invisible transmissions and ride the psychic waves of jubilant conformity encased in its intoxicating velocity and impenetrable sightlessness.

I will not gather with the crowd, I will not obviate all I love for a fleeting facsimile of freedom.


Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing
Many years ago, the elders of the herds would tell the youngsters frightening tales about wolves in sheeps’ clothing, tales of terror meant to warn the young ones against wandering, pursuing their own ways, choosing their own companions.
These days wolves are rare and tend to avoid the herds since the flavor of the meat no longer seems worth risking the wrath of the shepherds …
But within the herds themselves, a new phenomenon has arisen: sheep, so many sheep, have taken to dressing up as wolves … From all sides, you can hear the ba-a-a-h-hing howls and the bleating growls. And some go so far as to don fanged dentures and clawed gloves! Let no one think they are sheep! “Ba-a-a-a-h-h-h-oooo!”
But sheep they are, all around, to the farthest right, to the farthest left, and everywhere in between. You can tell that they are sheep by the repetitive bleating sameness of their so- called howls and growls, by the ease with which they are led by whoever bleats the loudest. No need for the bleat to even faintly resemble the soaring beauty of a genuine howl or the deep menace of a genuine growl. It just needs to be loud enough to enforce a sense of belonging, of conformity, of obedience to a cause and a willingness to follow.
The flocks and herds wearing these wolf disguises go by many names … Some call themselves Proud Boys, others Anti-Fa; some say that they are Nazis (National Socialists), others that they are Communists (International Socialists); some call themselves alt-right, others ultra-left; and then there are those who’ve donned the disguise to defend their middle ground, still using their old names, the Democrats and the old-school Republicans … But in every case, you find the same herd-like demand for conformity, the insistence on adherence to the group and its mentality (if you can call it that), the insistence that everyone bleat-howl the same note and that everyone be prepared to lash out at anyone who bleats wrong or dares to stray from the herd, and especially those who dare to howl out their own songs and go their own way, with no need or desire to belong to any flock or herd.
For at least as long as there have been the civilized, gathering in herds has been the norm for human sheep. But sheep disguising themselves in wolves’ clothing in mass is a much more modern phenomenon. And the development of that vast electronic global herd of herds known as the Internet has made this the norm as each sub-herd bares its artificial fangs and swipes its artificial claws at the other sub-herds, to prove (to themselves as much as to anyone else) that they really are “different”. Meanwhile, the genuine human wolves are increasingly lone wolves, gradually realizing how utterly poisonous every herd is, and so
learning to avoid them, and particularly to move away from the plague-ridden sewage that is the herd of herds … the Internet that melts all it takes in down to stinky toxic sludge.
… And the lone wolves know that the only way to cure this sludge-borne plague is to howl with mocking laughter.

A laughing anarchic lone wolf

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