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A Crucial Early Warning System for Disease Outbreaks Is in Jeopardy

A Crucial Early Warning System for Disease Outbreaks Is in Jeopardy

Maryn McKenna

The ProMED website and listserv, which broke the news of the arrival of Covid, SARS, and MERS, is now caught between financial shortfalls and staff turmoil.


Security News This Week: The Cloud Company at the Center of a Global Hacking Spree

Andrew Couts

Plus: A framework for encrypting social media, Russia-backed hacking through Microsoft Teams, and the Bitfinex Crypto Couple pleads guilty.


The AI Doomsday Bible Is a Book About the Atomic Bomb

Matt Reynolds

‘The Making of the Atomic Bomb’ details how scientists led humanity to a new era of destruction. Artificial intelligence safety researchers say it offers valuable lessons for humanity’s current plight.


Microsoft’s AI Red Team Has Already Made the Case for Itself

Lily Hay Newman

Since 2018, a dedicated team within Microsoft has attacked machine learning systems to make them safer. But with the public release of new generative AI tools, the field is already evolving.


Criminals Have Created Their Own ChatGPT Clones

Matt Burgess

Cybercriminals are touting large language models that could help them with phishing or creating malware. But the AI chatbots could just be their own kind of scam.


Google Makes It Easier to Delete Your Deets

Boone Ashworth

Plus: The great Threads boom simmers down, Meta pivots to chatbots, and XBox controllers get more repair-friendly.



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