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Norman Lear shares his life mantra on his 101st birthday, says he’s entering his ‘second childhood’


Kelly Ripa tries to calm herself with meditation and fails hilariously

We’re all very, very aware that meditation is good for us. We know it’s proven to reduce anxiety, improve focus, help us reclaim a sense of gratitude, purpose, clarity, well-being, yadda yadda yadda…

But, just like eating vegetables or working out or creating a budget plan or literally anything else that’s good for us, some folks don’t enjoy the act of meditation. Maybe it’s having to sit still for that long, or having to listen to one of those affected “spiritual” voices (which are almost always Australian—why?), or because it feels a tad too woo-woo or because it never feels like you’re doing it correctly. The list goes on and on.

If you fall into this category, then you may find talk show host Kelly Ripa’s not-so-Zen take on meditation super relatable—not to mention laugh-out-loud funny.

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Norman Lear shares his life mantra on his 101st birthday, says he’s entering his ‘second childhood’

Norman Lear is a legend in the truest sense. When a man of Lear’s stature says something, you make sure to sit and listen. The screenwriter, who is responsible for developing 100 shows, recently turned 101. After passing this milestone the legend had some pearls of wisdom to share with everyone. The man behind critical sitcoms like “One Day At A Time,” on the occasion of his birthday on July 27, uploaded a video on Instagram describing his approach to life in what he calls his “second childhood.”

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We can’t get enough of America Ferrera’s ‘impossible to be a woman’ monologue in ‘Barbie’

“It is literally impossible to be a woman.”

At some point, most women find themselves confronted with the truth of those words, along with the 300 or so that follow them in America Ferrera‘s monologue scene in “Barbie.”

The “impossible to be a woman” monologue has been a major talking point of the film, with parts or all of it being shared widely on social media, and when you read it—especially if you are a woman, but even if you aren’t—it’s easy to see why.

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Compassionate interaction between a frazzled dad and his 6-year-old son has people in tears

Anyone who has parented a spirited “threenager” knows how hard handling toddler tantrums can be. Parents often joke about our wee ones throwing down, because laughter is sometimes the only way to cope. But in reality, it can be extremely disturbing and distressing for the entire household when a family member carries on in a way that feels—or truly is—out of control.

Major tantrums can be especially hard for parents who didn’t have good parenting examples themselves. It takes superhuman patience to be the parents we want to be some days, and none of us does it perfectly all the time. When a child is screaming and crying over something irrational and nothing seems to be working to get them to stop, exhausted parents can lose their cool and respond in ways they normally wouldn’t.

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