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The End of Ukrainian Agriculture

by Peter Zeihan on July 28, 2023

Today’s video comes to you from Pine Creek in the Collegiate Wildnerness of central Colorado.

Russia has pulled out of the grain deal brokered by Turkey and the UN, and the countdown on Ukrainian agriculture has officially started.

The Russians are wasting no time, as attacks have already begun on the physical infrastructure that allowed Ukrainian wheat, corn, and sunflower to reach international markets by ship. Unfortunately, none of this is new; Russia is looking for any way to crush the Ukrainian economy and kickstart a famine in the region.

Efforts to export these products via other channels are somewhat futile, considering the cost breakdown and the risk involved. With exports already down by 2/3 before this deal was abandoned, this winter wheat crop will likely be the last one of size to hit international markets.

And it doesn’t stop there. As Russia continues to target agricultural infrastructure, Ukraine will lose the capacity to provide for its own population and become a food importer within the year.

To that tune, I encourage you to donate to MedShare or a charity of your choice. We must support these organizations that are working aggressively to alleviate some of the human suffering caused by this war.


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