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Mykhailo Fedorov Is Running Ukraine’s War Against Russia Like a Startup

More Battlefield AI Will Make the Fog of War More Deadly

Will Knight

The Pentagon’s embrace of military AI raises questions about what limits should be placed on the technology—and how to keep humans in control.


Mykhailo Fedorov Is Running Ukraine’s War Against Russia Like a Startup

Peter Guest

Ukraine’s deputy prime minister has helped the country bootstrap and innovate its war effort, creating a defense industry from scratch, and using his Big Tech ties to cut Russia off from the world.


The Curse of the Long Boom

David Karpf

I run into a lot of incorrect predictions when reading through the WIRED archives. What should the takeaway be?


‘Embryo Models’ Challenge the Legal, Ethical, and Biological Concepts of an ‘Embryo’

Philip Ball

With constructs built entirely from stem cells, researchers can revolutionize scientific understanding of human development. But how close is too close?


Everyone Wants Ukraine’s Battlefield Data

Morgan Meaker

Global companies are offering free products to get access to live combat data. The Ukrainian government wants to keep this resource for its own emerging defense industry.


The White House Already Knows How to Make AI Safer

Suresh Venkatasubramanian

The US already has a road map for the deployment of AI systems. Biden’s promised executive order just needs to put these guidelines into practice.




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