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7/27/23: Hunter Pleads Not Guilty, McConnell Freezes At Press Event, Congress Holds UFO Hearings, Rudy Giuliani Admits Election Lies, Biden Dog Bites Secret Service, Abigail Disney Calls Out Greed and AOC Folds Into Democrat Establishment

Krystal and Saagar discuss Hunter Biden’s plea deal falling through as he pleads not guilty, new information on Biden’s involvement in corruption, McConnell freezing mid sentence during press event, Congress holds explosive UFO hearing, Rudy Giuliani admits election fraud lies, Biden’s dog keeps biting secret service members, Abigail Disney calls out corporate greed, and Freddie DeBoer on whether AOC has become the Dem establishment.

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (4:42)Hunter Pleads Not Guilty (16:27)Biden Caught Lying (31:10)McConnell Freezes Mid Sentence (41:31)Voters Demand Debates (48:32)Congress UFO Hearings (1:03:33)Rudy Admits Election Lies (1:10:15)Biden Dog Bites Secret Service (1:18:45)Abigail Disney Calls Out Greed (1:26:57)Is AOC An Establishment Dem (1:46:06)End Of Show

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