American Decline

Why America will Have its French Revolution

Link to Shield Wallet-… Link to my podcast common ground-   / @commonground-qg5oj   Instagram: Rudyard William Lynch (@rudyardwlynch) • Instagram photos … › rudyardwlynch Twitter: Patreon, First 200 pages of cultural history of America and 400 of history of the new world alongside exclusive maps: › whatifalthist Bibliography- The Economics of Discontent by Jean Michel Paul The Great Wave by David Hackett Fischer Secular Cycles by Peter Turchin Ages of Discord by Peter Turchin Lost Connections by Johann Hari Lineages of Modernity by Todd Emmanuel Sex and Culture by JD Unwin Dominion by Tom Holland Europe by Norman Davies The Righteous Mind by Jon Haidt The Storm Before the Calm by George Friedman Beautiful Losers by Samuel Francis Leviathan and its Enemies by Samuel Francis

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