What Sean Hannity & Kyle Kulinski got wrong about the Democrats, yet Cornel West didn’t!

Just recently on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox, he interviewed Dr. Cornel West. As usual being the partisan hack that he is, Sean Hannity criticizes the Democrats from the right and for all the wrong reasons. We expect this! My reaction, however, is Kyle Kulinski’s (increasingly more frequent) bad takes which used to not be the case. While I won’t fault any progressive commentator for saying that Democrats are nominally better than Republicans on practically all policies most of the time, I find it a bit of a stretch for Kyle Kulinski to utter the phrase that “Democrats are a trillion times better” or even “way better” than Democrats which is what he did. My advice to him is to stop dying the hair silver blonde because it is affecting his judgement for the worse. Of course, Cornel West is the one who is the most correct, thus why he is justifiably running for president in 2024.

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