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How Jeffrey Epstein Captivated Harvard

Our August 7/14, 2023 Issue
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How Jeffrey Epstein Captivated Harvard
And how the university has yet to give a full accounting.
The Left Must Adapt or Die
This new era of climatic instability desperately demands a strategy based on the facts of today, not some imagined future.
Lessons From the Catastrophic Failure of the Metaverse
Did the “creative class” learn anything from buying into a product that was obviously destined to flop?
The Brave, Often Lonely Fight of Trans Lawmakers in State Legislatures
Trans and nonbinary people are running for office in record numbers, beginning their careers just as their Republican colleagues are launching an assault on trans rights.
The Psychic Theater of Boots Riley
Absurdist, and often darkly funny, I’m a Virgo tells a story of first love, capitalism’s surreal excesses, the contradictions of Black life, and also how much politics a work of art can bear.
Injustice in the Occupied West Bank
Following our last cover story, “The Destruction of Masafer Yatta,” which documented the Israeli army’s destruction of a small region in the occupied West Bank—Israel’s largest scale ethnic cleansing since 1967—coauthor Basel Adra was detained last weekend in the occupied West Bank and offered a testimonial to his experience: “I Was Detained by Israeli Soldiers for Reporting on Settler Violence.” Adra has reported fearlessly on the decimation of his Palestinian homeland for the past decade; he was blindfolded and detained after refusing to turn over his recording of a settler attack on Mufagara. The Union of Journalists in Israel has already called Basel’s detention “appalling” and a “serious violation of freedom of the press.” Read about the entirety of his experience here. ⁣
Justice Thirty Years Late
Jimmy Genrich, who was convicted of the pipe bomb murders of two people in Grand Junction, Col., more than 30 years ago will get a new trial. The judge found the tool-mark evidence used to tie Genrich to the bombings to be unconstitutional. Genrich’s story and this tool-mark evidence was the basis of Meehan Crist and Tim Requarth’s extensive 2018 special investigation-turned-award-winning Nation cover story. They exposed how bogus toolmark forensics have put thousands of people behind bars—despite the findings of multiple federal review panels, which concluded that tool-mark methods are nothing more than pseudoscience.

As the Denver Post reports: “The tool-mark expert could not accurately or reliably say that no other tools could have made the marks on the bombs except Genrich’s tools, the judge ruled. [Judge] Gurley wrote that the introduction of the expert’s unreliable testimony violated Genrich’s constitutional due-process right to a fair trial.” ⁣

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