Putin Strikes Back: Ukrainian Ports Devastated To Cap Grain Deal’s Termination

Jul 20, 2023

Last night Russia struck Odessa and virtually every other port involved in the grain deal (there are others like Yuzhne, Ochekov, Nikolayev, etc.), as well as other cities in west Ukraine. Odessa’s mayor called it the worst strikes of the entire war thus far:


Incidentally, it was said that the man who filmed the wild video of Odessa arrivals above has already been captured by SBU and ‘mobilized’:

CNN disingenuously ratcheted up the sensationalism, claiming they’ve “never seen anything like it”—I guess the reporter wasn’t around in Baghdad in March, 2003:

By the way, it’s interesting that Western media and officials are making such a big deal about Russia’s “barbaric attacks”, not only from a hypocrisy standpoint—after all, Kiev literally just attacked the Crimean Bridge the other day, killing civilians on camera and now they’re complaining that Russia has hit ‘civilian infrastructure’ in Odessa. But also, the fact that the U.S. has done the same thing many times to no great outrage.

Case in point: here’s an LA Times article from 1990 showing the U.S. utilizing the same tactics during the Gulf War:

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