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7/20/23: Media Ignores Biden IRS Whistleblowers, Russia Threatens Commercial Ships, Trump On Mail In Voting, Bosses Refuse Office Return, American Early Birds, Blistering Heat, Iger Says Cable TV Dead, Susan Sarandon + SAG VP Blast Studios

Krystal and Saagar discuss the media ignoring the IRS whistleblower testimonies on the Biden family, Russia threatening commercial ships in Grain Deal chaos, Trump spars with Hannity over mail in balloting, Chris Christie stuns Newsmax with Trump Jan 6th criticism, Bosses refuse to go back to office in Work From Home plot twist, nation of “Early Birds” as Americans ditch late dinners, Krystal looks into studies showing blistering heat may effect our minds, and Saagar looks into Disney CEO Bob Iger claiming Cable TV is dead.

Timestamps: 00:00-Intro 1:47-Media IGNORES Biden IRS Whistleblowers 14:35-Russia THREATENS Commercial Ships In Grain Deal Chaos 23:28-Trump SPARS With Hannity Over Mail In Voting 34:45-Chris Chistie STUNS Newsmax With Trump Jan 6 Criticism 42:21-PLOT TWIST: BOSSES Refuse To Go Back To Office 51:44-NATION OF EARLY BIRDS: Americans Ditch Late Dinners, Concerts, Movies 1:01:18-Study: Blistering Heat Makes Us CRAZY 1:09:36-Disney CEO: Cable TV Is DEAD MAN WALKING 1:22:54-EOS

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