American Decline

When you live in a nation of imbeciles and the biggest imbeciles all seem to horde the microphones

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit

It gets really hard to keep your hands in your pockets when you live in a nation of imbeciles and the biggest imbeciles all seem to horde the microphones. I never hate America and its toxic left-right paradigm more than in the days that follow another shooting spree. The imbeciles on the left blame Smith & Wesson and the imbeciles on the right blame George Soros and they are all so full of shit that their eyes are brown. Your average mass shooter is a straight aero who dots all the Is and crosses all the Ts on the paperwork for an “assault weapon” that is really little more than your standard hunting rifle in drag. Your average mass shooter is also a housed, employed, and supposedly sane individual who has never gotten so much as speeding ticket for some liberal DA to ignore. In other words, this is not a fucking problem that you can govern your way out of. Gun violence typically occurs in urban and suburban areas where people are not raised around firearms and community rarely exists outside of a technologically enslaved nuclear family or a crowded apartment block where people are more likely to know you by the number on your door than your name. These shooters are people without a place to belong and they are probably the kind of people who need to belong more than most. They are numb and silent and the only way they know how to get the world’s attention is to pick up a gun and do something unspeakable. The sad thing is that even after the bodies are cold, the only thing that anyone can hear are the voices of the same dicks whose attention these shooters were aiming for in the first place, virtue signaling over the corpses their toxic zeitgeist cultivated. I just wish people would save their bullets for the flickering screens that provoke them. Maybe then we could finally hear each other speak without an Armalite microphone.

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