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Has the US Overcommitted Itself to the Ukraine War?

by Peter Zeihan on July 11, 2023

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More than a few countries out there couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time…but the US isn’t one of them. Today’s question in the ‘Ask Peter Series’ looks at whether or not the US has stretched itself too thin in Ukraine to deal with another major conflict.

Yes, the US has given the Ukrainians a couple of shiny new toys, but most of the stuff has been obsolete hand-me-downs. And how often do you get to test your new weapon systems in a real-world setting? So the only thing in the mix that throws up any red flags for me is the cluster munitions (and those were going to be retired soon anyways).

This war hasn’t impacted US military preparedness, and if China wanted to try its luck, they’d get an ass-whoopin’ compliments of Uncle Sam. The big piece here is that the people doing the walking and chewing the gum are entirely different. If anything, our involvement in Ukraine has been a proof of concept for how the US will fight the wars of the future.

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Ask Peter Zeihan: Has the US Overcommitted Itself to the Ukraine War?

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