‘Trump’s Former Justice Department Officials Fear a Second Term,’

A familiar refrain from the Trump years was that, behind the scenes, everyone in his administration knew he was totally unfit for office, ignorant as he was mendacious. Yet there they were, working for him anyway. That included a handful of topflight Republican lawyers at the heights of the Justice Department. After Trump threatened to prosecute Joe Biden last month, Ankush Khardori reached out to them, and what they told him was striking. “I think the president would be very focused on finding people who would act on his desire to retaliate against political opponents,” as one formerly very high-up official put it. Unlike the first term, they predicted Trump would start firing people down the chain of command until he found someone to do his bidding. And that is part of the reason why some say, despite it all, there may be a reason to join anyway.

—Justin Miller, deputy editor, Intelligencer

The Sequel Will Be Worse Trump’s former Justice Department officials fear a second term.

Photo: Phebe Schmidt

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