Failed mercenary mutiny exposes Putin’s weakness

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Yen weakens to ¥145 per dollar, nears 2022 intervention level
Last year, the currency’s slide toward ¥146 triggered intervention, and in the buildup to that there were repeated official warnings.
COVID-19 cases continue to rise, straining health care system in Okinawa
The number of new cases per hospital was 39.48 in Okinawa Prefecture, up from 28.74 a week before and marking an increase for six consecutive …
Suspected Chinese balloon did not collect or send information, Pentagon claims
A preliminary analysis of the balloon by U.S. authorities showed that it included a combination of U.S.-made off-the-shelf equipment as well as sophisticated Chinese gear.
Tokyo inflation speeds up again as Japan production sputters
Consumer prices excluding fresh food increased 3.2% in the capital from a year earlier, rising at a slightly faster pace than last month’s revised figures.
New research finds Mount Fuji may have erupted more often than previously thought
Scientists found that there were six eruptions between 5,050 and 3,900 years ago — a period of time that was previously thought to have seen …
Japanese journalist denied entry into Hong Kong
Freelance journalist Yoshiaki Ogawa, known for his Hong Kong coverage, had attempted to enter the city on Thursday evening.

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Fender opens world-first flagship guitar store in Tokyo
Located in Harajuku, store spans three floors and a basement and sells guitars in every series the company produces.
Failed mercenary mutiny exposes Putin’s weakness
After the Wagner mutiny, Vladimir Putin’s position is now in question and he no longer knows who he can trust.
Frugal phrases: Finding money-saving tips in Japanese
Cost-conscious Japanese shoppers know various tricks to try and save money. By beefing up on your economic terms, maybe you can get in on the …
With ‘Idol,’ Yoasobi pens a new chapter in J-pop’s story
In creating the theme song to the popular anime “Oshi no Ko,” one of Japan’s most interesting groups wins new fans overseas.
FIFA may allow players to wear rainbow armbands at Women’s World Cup
FIFA is planning to send a letter outlining its armband rules for the 32 teams that will participate in the tournament.
Latest sumo rankings showcase sport’s up and coming stars
Hakuoho, 19, is just the latest in a long line of young Japanese athletes to receive massive media attention. Can he live up to the …

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