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6/30/23: Hollywood Advice For Joe Biden, JPMorgan Deletes 47 Million Emails, John Kerry Confronted On Iraq War Crimes, Fox Struggles To Defend Leaked Trump Audio, James Li On FedNow Central Payment System

This week we discuss Jeffrey Katzenberg’s “Hollywood Advice” for the ageing Joe Biden, JP Morgan sued for deleting over 47 million emails, French TV confronting John Kerry over the Iraq War Crimes, Fox struggling to defend Trump’s leaked audio of his classified documents, and our partner James Li brings a new Beyond The Headlines about the dystopian FedNow Central Payment System.

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (0:13)Hollywood Advice for Joe Biden (5:06)JP Morgan Deletes 47 Million Emails (8:39)French TV CONFRONTS Kerry Over Iraq War Crimes (15:44)Fox STRUGGLES To Defend Trump Leaked Audio (24:57)James Li On FedNow Central Payment System Explained

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