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‘The 9/11 Good Guy Who Gave the PGA to the Saudis,’

As the blue sky dissolved to black late one evening in June 2001, Welles Crowther asked his father, taking a picture, to make sure he got the Twin Towers in. He’s standing aboard an FDNY fireboat wearing khakis with a red bandanna tucked into the right hip pocket, which he always kept there, just like his dad. On September 11, Crowther wrapped that bandana around his face to keep out the smoke rising to his office at Sandler O’Neill on the South Tower’s 104th floor. From there, he guided no less than a dozen people to safety before he was killed.

Jimmy Dunne, his boss, would have been killed too if he hadn’t chosen to golf Tuesday instead of Monday. After the attack, he helped to keep alive Crowther’s memory and took care of the families of his employees who died that day, paying for college for many of their children. That’s why it was such a shock when Welles’s mother, Alison Crowther, learned Dunne had negotiated the PGA’s merger with Saudi Arabia’s LIV Golf. “I cannot wrap my head around why Jimmy Dunne would do this,” she told New York’s James D. Walsh, who reports today on the personal struggle at the center of a deal with the people some 9/11 families blame for their loved ones’ murder.

— Justin Miller, deputy editor, Intelligencer

The 9/11 Good Guy Who Gave the PGA to the Saudis Alison Crowther never expected Jimmy Dunne would negotiate with those she blames for her son’s death.

Photo: Beth Sacca

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