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6/29/23: Voters Reject “Bidenomics”, Pod Save Bros Meltdown Over 3rd Party, Troops At Mexico Border Polling, Russian General Detained For Coup, AirBnB Death Spiral, Ro Khanna On Defense Spending, AI Sexbots, Shein Influencers, Debate Panel Affirmative Action

Krystal and Emily discuss Biden unveiling his “Bidenomics” economy speech, the Pod Save Bros melting down over Cornell West’s 3rd party run, Did the RFK Jr Podcast Tour backfire?, the real reason Republicans want troops at the border, Trump planning a big return to Twitter, a report that a Russian General was detained for assisting coup, is AirBnB in a death spiral?, Ro Khanna joins us in studio to talk Defense spending and Biden debating other candidates, Krystal looks into AI Sex bots, Emily looks into how Shein influencers visited their sweatshops in China, and we’re joined by Delano Squire and Michael Starr Hopkins for a debate on Affirmative Action that has a breaking ruling from the SCOTUS this morning.

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (2:00)BIDENOMICS: Voters REJECT Biden Happy Talk on Economy (18:17)Pod Save Bros MELTDOWN Over Cornel West, Third Parties (25:17)Poll: Did RFK Jr Podcast Tour BACKFIRE? (33:24)REAL Reason Republicans Want Troops at the Border (48:47)Trump Plans BIG RETURN To Twitter (53:35)Report: Russian General DETAINED For Assisting Coup (1:06:03)Is AirBNB in a Death Spiral? (1:15:33)Ro Khanna Interview On Defense, Biden (1:33:04)Did META Unleash AI Sexbot TAKEOVER? (1:39:57)How Shein Turned Influencers Into FAWNING Propagandists (1:48:44)Panel Debates Affirmative Action (2:23:46)EOS

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