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Man gives neat tip to stop anxiety related heart palpitations and it’s easy to do


Man gives neat tip to stop anxiety related heart palpitations and it’s easy to do

Anxiety is weird. Not weird in a funny way but more like weird in a terrifying ‘am I dying or am I just having an anxiety attack‘ kind of way. Our brains are powerful things and can make our bodies have physiological responses to stress, anxiety and depression. One of those annoyingly terrifying symptoms are heart palpitations which can feel like your heart is beating too fast, skipping a beat or rolling around in your chest.

When our hearts do something funky that make us acutely aware of its existence, the immediate thought is usually you’re having a heart attack. Which can lead to more anxiety, thus more heart flip flops. It becomes a vicious cycle until you either get it checked out or it stops on its own because your brain decides to do you a solid and let you forget your heart was being weird five minutes ago.

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Crowd at music festival helps singer complete song after he loses voice in beautiful show of human spirit

It was an emotional moment when festivalgoers helped a struggling Lewis Capaldi end his set after he lost his voice on stage. The 26-year-old singer-songwriter from Scotland has been diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome, a neurological disorder that causes involuntary vocal or motor tics. His fans helped him finish his performance by singing his emotional, vocal-heavy piano ballad hit Someone you loved while he was on the festival’s Pyramid Stage on Saturday night.

According to Sky News, the musician admitted he was having issues during the performance. “I’m going to be honest everybody, but I’m starting to lose my voice up here, but we’re going to keep going and we’re going to go until the end. I just need you all to sing with me as loud as you can if that’s OK?” he said. And boy, did his fans deliver.

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If it weren’t for a Subaru retailer’s blood drive, this man’s cancer may have gone undetected

When Don Burckhardt donated blood at a Crews Subaru blood drive in Charleston, South Carolina, he had no idea his own life would be saved by it. “Because of these blood drives that Crews Subaru is hosting, my cancer was caught at the very early stages,” says Burckhardt.

That blood drive was one of 48 that Crews Subaru has held in 36 months, impacting nearly 5,000 lives. And the Red Cross is just one of 71 different organizations the retailer serves each year as part of the Subaru Love Promise, which is all about giving back to the community.

Watch Don Burckhardt share his story and witness the Subaru Love Promise in action now.

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Delightfully wholesome family singing group masterfully recreates Disney’s ‘How Far I’ll Go’

Remember the wholesome, joy-filled days of singing families a la The Brady Bunch or the The Osmunds? Well, the Sharpe Family Singers might have just incited a comeback.

Hailing from New Jersey, the vocal group is made up of mom and dad Ron and Barbra along with their four kids: Samantha, Logan and twins (yes, twins) Connor and Aidan.

The Sharpe’s already have a huge following on TikTok and Youtube, where they go all out to perform covers of well known pop songs. We’re talking full costumes and everything. Each video is a cheesy, harmony-filled masterpiece.

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A new federal law just took effect that protects pregnant women in the workplace

Pregnant workers should have an easier time getting a drink of water, wearing a uniform that fits, and being allowed to work from home thanks to a new law. The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA) ensures that pregnant workers get reasonable accommodations in the workplace without fear of being fired or retaliation.

The PWFA was passed as part of the $1.7 trillion government funding bill.

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