To de-escalate U.S.-China tensions, decouple differently

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When it comes to crypto, turmoil in the U.S. could be a boon for Japan
With a solid legal framework already in place, some players see the U.S. crypto downturn as an opportunity for Japan to advance its standing in …
Tokyo ‘Joker’ train attacker pleads not guilty to murder intent over arson
Kyota Hattori admitted to both stabbing a man and arson, but said in court that he didn’t intend to murder anyone by starting the fire.
Surge in children’s summer colds in Japan prompts government warning
Officials say increased precautions due to COVID-19 kept cases of herpangina and RS virus low last year.
Kishida’s approval ratings plummet amid troubles with My Number
A poll conducted from Friday through the weekend by the Yomiuri Shimbun showed a 15 percentage point drop in the Cabinet’s approval rating compared with …
Inside Japan’s oldest village
With a median age of 68.4, Nanmoku is at the forefront of the nation’s battle against the gray wave.
Suicides rose in Japan among young women and girls during pandemic
In 2022, the rate among female residents between ages 10 and 24 was 745 — an increase of 233 compared with 2019.

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Japan finance chief issues warning against yen’s fall
Asked about authorities stepping into the foreign exchange market, Japan’s top currency diplomat said that ‘No options are ruled out.”
To de-escalate U.S.-China tensions, decouple differently
Imposing trade restrictions to address national-security concerns is at the heart of today’s heightened tensions between China and the United States.
Liz Akama wins women’s Olympic qualifier
Liz Akama won a Paris Olympic qualifying street skateboarding event for the first time Sunday, while Sora Shirai finished second in the men’s category.Having finished …
How (and why) to enjoy a 700-year-old painting of Buddhist suffering
A Kamakura Period depiction of Buddha’s death, on view at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, is surprisingly relatable even today.

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