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6/26/23: Wagner Leader Exiled After Coup, Biden Admin Refuses Hunter Corruption Questions, Trump Lead Explodes, Yellowstone Train Derailment, Submarine, Meghan Markle, Behavioral Science Fraud, Moscow Eyewitness Russian Coup

Krystal and Saagar discuss the Wagner leader exiled to Belarus after attempted coup, the US knowing about Russian coup and keeping silent, the Biden admin refuses questions on Hunter corruption, Trump lead explodes post indictment, another train derailment in Yellowstone, East Palestine coverup exposed, US knew Day 1 Submarine exploded, James Cameron sounds off on Titanic Submarine, Meghan Markle rejected by Spotify/Netflix, a behavioral scientist exposed as a fraud, and an eyewitness in Moscow gives us his perspective on the attempted coup.

Timestamps: (0:00)Intro (4:45)Wagner Leader EXILED After Coup (18:25)US KNEW About Russian Coup, Kept Silent (26:36)Biden Admin REFUSES Questions On Hunter CORRUPTION (40:41)Trump Lead EXPLODES Post Indictment (50:52)ANOTHER Train Derailment In Yellowstone (57:49)East Palestine COVERUP Exposed (1:01:58)US Knew On DAY 1 Submarine Exploded (1:08:21)James Cameron SOUNDS OFF On Titanic Submarine (1:12:34)Meghan Markle REJECTED By Spotify, Netflix (1:20:42)Behavioral Scientist Exposed As Fraud (1:27:37)Moscow EYEWITNESS To Attempted Coup (1:41:07)EOS

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