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Short-lived mutiny in Russia sheds light on Putin’s hold on power

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Short-lived mutiny in Russia sheds light on Putin’s hold on power
Could Russia’s invasion of Ukraine lead to the downfall of Vladimir Putin? For a few chaotic, head-snapping hours this weekend, the notion did not seem …
G7 ministers in Japan call for eliminating economic gender disparity
Topping the agenda at the meeting was women’s empowerment after the pandemic exacerbated inequalities between men and women.
Colorful snow algae is blooming in Japan’s alpine areas. What does this mean for climate change?
Scientists race to Mount Gassan to see how the algae might affect the natural balance in vulnerable ecosystems and potentially perpetuate warming.
BOJ in spotlight as yen fall may prove a debilitating blow to Japan
Consumers are feeling the lagging effects of the yen’s precipitous fall since last year, as companies continue to pass on higher import costs to consumers.
Extreme floods and heat in China ravage farms and kill animals
Ensuring China’s ability to feed 1.4 billion people is a key piece of Xi’s goal of leading the country to superpower status, but environmental factors …
Man with knife causes temporary panic on Yamanote Line train
The incident led a crowd passengers to evacuate in a panic, causing two men to suffer injuries after falling over, NHK quoted firefighters as saying.

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Russia mercenary threat revives concern over nuclear arsenal security
Images of tanks on Russian streets brought to mind the failed 1991 coup by communist hardliners that raised concerns about the security of the Soviet …
The West must offer the ‘Global South’ a new deal
Countries in Africa, Asia and South America should support Ukraine against Putin. But the West could help by being less hypocritical.
Recipe: Ukrainian-style walnut-stuffed prunes
There’s no evidence to suggest the mythical Odysseus ever sailed the Black Sea, but if he had, he might have feasted on Odesa’s classic stuffed …
Two Japanese dancers win gold medals at international ballet competition in U.S.
The competition was held from June 10 with around 100 dancers from 16 countries taking part.
Spurs introduce Victor Wembanyama: ‘I belong here’
Since being flown in after Thursday’s glitzy draft in Brooklyn, the French teen phenom has managed to sample San Antonio’s breakfast tacos and start house-hunting.
Ambitious plans for U.S.-India technology sharing face hurdles
The U.S. has touted deals to sell weapons to India and share with it sensitive military technology. But standing in the way are strict rules …
Chemical-maker Kao unveils new way to combat mosquitoes
Researchers found that spraying a solution that allows mosquitoes’ wings to become wet can prevent them from flying and knock them out of the air.
Japan’s Justice Ministry compiles plan to prevent prison abuse
Following abuse by officers at Nagoya Prison, the ministry plans to provide officers with body cameras and change the system determining where inmates are detained.

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