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EXPERT Tells All: Will Trump Go To Prison?

Episode 128 with Brad Moss

Jun 16, 2023

Welcome back to KK&F. This week, we bring lawyer and classified documents expert Brad Moss to the show, so he can answer all the burning questions we have on Trump’s latest indictment including: will he actually end up in prison?

All the while, the field of candidates for the 2024 GOP primary is swiftly taking shape, and Trump continues to be the frontrunner— will this case change anything? Watch the conversation below:

With Brad’s insight, we dig into the thirty-seven charges of mishandling of classified documents brought against the former president. What particular instances do these charges refer to? What kind of sentence could Trump face, if he is found guilty — and how could this disrupt both the Republican primary and the election itself? We’ve talked in recent weeks about the match-up between Trump and DeSantis, and what a DeSantis presidency would mean for civil liberties and economic policy. We want to take a look at the gravity of the charges Trump is facing now, as well as at how they might change our perception of his time in office and how they will shape the coming election.

We also take a wider view of the case, especially its setting in South Florida, a place where Trump enjoys massive support that might influence his jury. Brad brings out the nuance in the seeming likelihood of a Trump-favorable jury: in previous cases, Trump-supporting jurors have moved to find Trump guilty on various charges despite their strongly expressed support for the president. Will the new jury feel this way about the charges Trump faces now? Brad makes the important observation that “if this gets to trial the only hope Trump has is a hung jury”— that he has a deeply weak case against the charges, and his best bet is in a drawn-out victory decided after the 2024 election. There is, in other words, the possibility that this case does not go to trial before the election — and it’s at the heart of the political calculations Trump is making.

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