Chinese foreign minister slams U.S. ahead of planned Blinken visit

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Two dead after shooting at Self-Defense Forces gun range in central Japan
An 18-year-old male suspect, a recent recruit of the Self-Defense Forces, was arrested at the scene for attempted murder.
14 hospitalized after being sprayed with unknown substance at Osaka department store
The Osaka Fire Department said a security guard reported something being sprayed and multiple people coughing after detecting a strange smell in a women’s restroom.
Toyota shares surge most since 2020 after investors reappoint chairman
A resolution calling for greater disclosure on climate lobbying was put forward by a trio of European asset managers, but failed to find support among …
Could the LDP turn to Nippon Ishin amid friction with coalition partner Komeito?
Tensions with Komeito and policy compatibility with Nippon Ishin have some questioning whether the ruling party might shop around for a new coalition partner.
Harry Potter theme park in Tokyo shown to media before weekend opening
During the media preview, a number of moving portraits, as depicted in the movie series, were unveiled for the first time.
2025 Osaka Expo tickets to cost ¥7,500 per adult
Tickets are set to cost ¥4,200 for visitors between ages 12 and 17 and ¥1,800 for those between 4 and 11, while those age 3 …

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Chinese foreign minister slams U.S. ahead of planned Blinken visit
Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang used a phone call with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken Wednesday to urge Washington to stop meddling in Beijing’s …
War in Ukraine so far favors the defense
The evolution of military technology confers a natural advantage on the much-ridiculed Russian troops as they face the current Ukrainian onslaught.
Cormac McCarthy, novelist of a darker America, is dead at 89
His characters were outsiders, like him. He lived quietly and determinately outside the literary mainstream.
Give overworked sumo wrestlers a break — literally
A mid-summer pause would allow rikishi to heal up ahead of the two most arduous and punishing months on the schedule.
Tokyo Metropolitan Government to start using ChatGPT from August
Gov. Koike said the metropolitan government will use it for tasks including preparing some documents and seek input from its employees about other practical uses …
Putin admits shortcomings as Ukraine presses counteroffensive
The Russian leader said his military had lost 54 tanks since Ukraine’s drive began last week — the first time the Kremlin has admitted losses …
Japanese officials call for Mount Fuji crowd control
Authorities have warned that an “unprecedented” number of people were expected to tackle its steep symmetrical slopes this year.

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