Illinois governor’s ‘Office’-themed ‘Idiot’ commencement speech is actually a lesson in kindness


Boomer dad plays song to comfort his daughter going through divorce and it’s simply perfect

There’s no shortage of stories out there showing how emotionally distant or out of touch some baby boomers can be. Younger generations are so fed up with it that they have their own catchphrase of frustration, for crying out loud.

The disconnect becomes especially visible in parenting styles. Boomers, who grew up with starkly different views on empathy, trauma and seeking help, have a reputation for being less than ideal support systems for their children when it comes to emotional issues.

But even if they often have a different way of showing it, boomer parents do have love for their children, and many try their best to be a source of comfort in some way when their kid suffers.

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She wanted heartwarming, wholesome birth photos. Her husband’s ‘best’ attempt turned out hilarious.

Giving birth is a painful yet precious and memorable experience. One new mom wanted to capture the memory forever through beautiful, heartwarming pictures and tasked her husband with photographing her as she gave birth to their child.

But in a hilarious turn of events, she woke up to an “expectations vs reality” situation. Not everyone is a photographer, and neither is her husband who was entrusted with this responsibility. Taylor Silva (@taylorrenaysilva) shared the story in a TikTok video that received more than two million views. It was captioned: “It’s the wet rag on my forehead for me lol.”

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Illinois governor’s ‘Office’-themed ‘Idiot’ commencement speech is actually a lesson in kindness

Two-term Illinois governor J.B. Pritzker gave a clever commencement speech at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, on June 12 based on quotes from “The Office.” Pritzker graduated from the Northwestern University School of Law, which was renamed in his honor in 2015.

Coincidentally, “The Office” star Steve Carell was in attendance at the speech because his daughter was among the graduates.

“Today, graduates, I want to invoke a seminal piece of twenty-first-century culture to help send you forward on the right path in life,” Pritzker said. “I am, of course, talking about the Emmy award-winning sitcom known as ‘The Office’—which in its two hundred episode run gave us all the wisdom you need to make your way in this world.”

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‘Recycle artist’ to build 10 giant trolls across the US this summer in global art project

When we think of a “troll” in the internet age, we usually picture some sad sap wasting his one wild and precious life making inflammatory statements and luring people into inane arguments online.

But out in the physical world, some very different kinds of trolls are luring people away from their computers and out into nature. These benevolent trolls tower over humans with their enormous size and have an important message to share.

Also, they look really freaking cool.

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Crew member on the ‘Barry’ set explains why Bill Hader is such a tremendous leader and talent

It’s common to hear anonymous dispatches about Hollywood sets where an actor or director created a toxic environment for the cast and crew. This type of behavior feels like a given in a high-pressure creative field with a lot of egos and money on the line. But does it have to be?

An anonymous employee from the set of HBO’s “Barry” has some refreshing news that’ll delight anyone who’s a fan of the show created by its star, Bill Hader, and Alex Berg. It should also give hope to anyone interested in working in film that not all sets are toxic.

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