How Will Donald Trump’s (NEW) Indictment(s) Impact the Election?

by Peter Zeihan on June 13, 2023

If reading the headlines gave you some major déjà vu…welcome to the club. Trump is getting hit with a series of new indictments, but will it impact the election?

For those who love their red hats, Trump can do no wrong. If you try to tell them otherwise, it’s either a plot or a conspiracy theory. And regardless, you can run for president from the comfort of your prison cell…so he’ll be alright.

But none of this matters anyways. Biden will take the independent vote since Trump threatened to take away their voice, allowing Biden to run (or slowly and carefully walk) off with the election.

As long as these two spring chickens can keep clucking until the election, we’re looking at a 2020 rematch with the same results. So you get a double dose of déjà vu today.

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How Will Donald Trump's New Indictment(s) Impact the Election? || Peter Zeihan


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