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6/8/23: Trump Indictment Imminent, Chris Christie And Pence Trash Trump, Top Golfers Defend Saudi LIV, Portnoy Attacks PGA Commissioner, US In Possession Of UFO’s, New Vegas UFO Footage, Instagram Enables Predators, Fox Targets Tucker, Wildfires Rage In Canada And Ukraine Updates

Krystal and Saagar discuss the imminent Trump classified documents indictment, Chris Christie and Mike Pence trashing Trump, Doug Burgam launching 2024 run, Bryson DeChambeau says to forgive Saudi Arabia for 9/11, Dave Portnoy attacking the PGA Commissioner, reports of 12 alien crafts in US possession, stunning new video of a UFO in Las Vegas, Instagram caught enabling child predators, Fox News targeting Tucker after Twitter launch, smoke from Canadian wildfires engulfing the eastern US, and Biden knowing Ukraine plotted to blow up Nordstream.

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Timestamps: (0:00)Intro (3:30)Trump Indictment Imminent (10:09)Christie And Pence Trash Trump (26:16)Bill Gates Connected Gov Joins 2024 Race (31:08)Bryson DeChambeau Defends Saudis On 9/11 (36:10)Dave Portnoy Attacks PGA After Merger (46:24)US In Possession Of 12 Alien Crafts (57:26)New Bodycam Footage Of Vegas UFO (1:05:04)Instagram Enables Child Predators (1:12:42)Fox News Targets Tucker After Twitter Launch (1:24:33)Canadian Wildfires Smother Eastern USA (1:33:58)Biden Knew Ukraine Plotted To Blow Up Nordstream (1:45:30)End Of Show

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