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6/2/23: Major Breakthrough in Air Energy, Feinstein Confused In Senate, Vacation Prices Skyrocket, The View Defends Kamala World Salad, Joe Rogan Laughs At Rainbow Truck Outrage, Beyond The Headlines Scientific Consensus w/ James Li

This week we discuss a groundbreaking scientific invention of turning air into energy, Dianne Feinstein confused over Kamala Harris’ role in the Senate, the price of Vacations for Americans at record highs, The View defending Kamala’s word salad responses as “Lawyer Talk”, Joe Rogan makes fun of conservatives upset over a Rainbow Truck ad, and James Li brings a new “Beyond The Headlines” segment on the flaws of Scientific Consensus.

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Timestamps: (0:00)Intro (0:14) Air Energy (5:10)Feinsten Confused On Kamala (10:25)Vacation Prices Skyrocket (16:54)The View Defends Kamala Word Salad (23:44)Joe Rogan Laughs At Rainbow Truck Ad Controversy (35:58)Beyond the Headlines: Scientific Consensus w/ James Li

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